About Me


I am proud to be Head Teacher at Ardrishaig Primary School in Argyll, husband to Fi and dad to Holly and lead supporter for NQTs in Argyll.  I started teaching a lifetime ago in Liverpool before following a dream and moving to Scotland about a decade ago.

Some people think the word ‘passion’ is twee and overused, but education is what keeps me awake at nights, mind awhirl with excitement and anticipation for the next day in school.  It is education that makes me smile fondly and laugh heartily many times a day.  It has made me weep with joy, sorrow and frustration.  It is the only job I think I could ever do and work double my contracted hours and then tweet, blog and podcast about in my spare time.  I think passionate about education applies.

It would have been really easy to be a bad teacher and it would be really easy to be a bad leader which is why I am learning everyday – I’m just trying to be the best I can be.

Everything in this blog is my opinion formed after undergoing, reading about, discussing and practising education.  My opinions are not always right, as a wise man once said – I have answers, but not necessarily the answers.

On Twitter I am @learningjay and I occasionally talk education into a microphone with the good folk at Inside Learning.



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